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Mission & History

Our Mission

We (the investors, residents, and employees) are partners in peaceful and prosperous living. We live with gratitude!

Our Core Values

We run our business with the following core values at the root of all we do:

  • Have Heart
  • Get It Done
  • Own It
  • Continual Learning & Improvement
  • Open to Possibilities

Our History

Gerald S. Reimer

Our history began in 1974 when Ron and Karen Reimer inherited $500. They had two options in mind: upgrade the family dining room set or invest in a four-plex in the Westgate area of Omaha. Opting to purchase the four-plex, Ron and Karen acted as the property manager, leasing agent, and maintenance technician serving their residents. They eventually acquired 20 apartment units, which they still own and operate today over forty-years later. After growing up in the family business, their son Jerry Reimer partnered with his parents in 1995 with the intent of expanding the family’s footprint in Omaha. The family joke now is that the 1974 dining room set would have been more expensive then they could have imagined. 

Jerry used his parents’ lessons and his corporate experience working at fortune 500 financial firms to develop a team that builds and manages apartment homes. He created relationships with other partners and investors in Omaha. Over time, his parents’ lessons and Jerry’s experience would help to form the core values of Urban Waters. Today, Urban Waters is a vertically integrated company that builds and manages apartment homes with a long-term perspective. Jerry and the Urban Waters team take pride in managing over 1,000 apartment homes throughout Omaha and the surrounding area with additional plans for continued growth. 

Partners & Sponsors

  • Urban Village
    Urban Village
  • ANB
  • S.E.H.
  • Studio 951
  • Opticos